At Galaxy Speciality Centre we have team of Endocrinologists (specialist doctor who are specialized in treatment of Hormone disorder). At Galaxy, we have state of the art facility for diagnosis & treatment by experienced diabetes, thyroid and hormone specialist doctors and team of other senior doctors and paramedical staff. We provide complete diagnosis and treatment of Diadetes and hormone disorders.

We provide services for diabetics and pre-diabetics and people who are at risk of developing diabetes. With our specialized services, we hope to delay the onset of diabetes before you can get it and fulfil our vision of creating a World without Diabetes.

At Galaxy Speciality Path Lab, We have integrated the moving demands of the public in our set upand the services menu as per the need of the time.
Our movement is towards the progress of the values of the diagnostics in the health sector so safeguarding accurateness in diagnosis and treatment of the ailments of the society. It is thus a step to attain a whole health forthewell being of the society.

about Galaxy Speciality Center

Quality Policy Statement

Quality has always been a central soul in clinical investigation services. Galaxy Speciality Path Lab is committed to deliver excellence in clinical testing services; Which is essential for complete satisfaction for patients & clinicians. For Customers, this is our prime duty to perform for quality.

Galaxy Speciality Path Lab is Committed to:

  • Comply with all quality standards as per EQAS & IQAS and to continually improve the standards of laboratory operations.
  • Follow good laboratory practices (GLP), and provide accurate, effective, timely services to customers, keeping quality always on top, caring for society & humanity.
  • Use latest technologies skills, knowledge in order to facilitate, clinician & patient for top class services.
  • Support healthcare industry and health of the society by working hand in hand with clinicians.
  • Assure accuracy in results & management of diseases with best service & quality.
about Galaxy Speciality Center